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5 Thigh Slimming Routines You Can Do For Free At Home

Let’s be perfectly clear — you can’t spot reduce, so simply doing a bunch of leg lifts alone won’t get rid of saddlebags or thigh fat. Now, for the good news: when paired with a healthy diet and a caloric deficit, you can develop more muscle in your lower half, burn up body fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Remember that muscle takes up less space in your body than fat, so a muscular lower body (when combined with a healthy body fat level) can mean slimmer, not bulkier, legs.

Here are 5 routines to help you start your lower body slim down process:

#1: 8-Minute Legs

No equipment? No problem! This quick set of exercises is guaranteed to fry your thighs using just your body weight and a small amount of space (this routine is perfect for travel!).

Level: All

Equipment: None

#2: 10-Minute Summer Leg Shapers

Get ready to feel the burn! This 10-minute lower body sculpting workout that is sure to get you ready for those summer shorts.

Level: All

Equipment: A sturdy chair

#3: 15-Minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Boot Camp

Sculpt and shape your belly, buns and thighs with this efficient, body weight only workout that requires minimal space (making it perfect for travel or at home) to complete.

Level: All

Equipment: None

#4: 15-Minute Lower Body Blast

Focus on sculpting and strengthening your lower half! No weights? No worries! Grab something you have in the house (like water bottles, soup cans, etc) and work on developing great form and technique for when you are ready to add dumbbells. If you are more advanced, feel free to lift heavier for an extra sculpting challenge! We’ll build into the moves so just do your best, listen to your body and stick with the options and versions of the exercises that work best for your current fitness level.

Level: All

Equipment: 1 set of dumbbells (3 – 15 lbs, depending on level)

#5: 40-Minute Lower Body Strength

Sculpt and strengthen all the muscles below the belt with this full length, multi-muscle lower body, fat burning, cellulite-busting workout that you can do easily at home in a small space. Get all the benefits of the gym at home with this complete lower body strength training session — no excuses!

Level: Intermediate to Advanced (adjust your weight to make it more or less intense)

Equipment: Two sets of dumbbells – one lighter and one heavier set of dumbbells (3-25 lbs, depending on level),  a high step (optional, this workout can also be done without a step) and a small playground ball or bunched up towel.

5 Free Thigh Slimming Workouts You Can Do At Home

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  • Thel January 7, 2017, 6:34 pm

    Is it ok to do 1 of these 5 every day?

  • Dimples August 5, 2015, 2:30 pm

    Ooh, just did the 8 Minute Leg Workout. Effective and plenty of challenge packed into that efficient workout!


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