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5 Yoga Videos Anyone Can Do

Intimidated by yoga? Don’t be! You can get started with a yoga practice easily at home with nothing more than a mat (or similar cushioned surface) with these free workout videos. These videos could be the start of your great adventure into the world of yoga and, at some point, you may be interested in learning some yoga teacher training here. That’s how addictive yoga can be!

And, if you are looking for even more guidance, be sure to check out our professionally produced “Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond” DVD that’s perfect for beginners and doesn’t include any chanting, OM’ing or sanskrit terminology.

#1: 15-Minute Chair Yoga

This is your “start here” video! Yoga is a wonderful way to build flexibility, range of motion and relieve stress. But if you are just starting out, some traditional yoga poses and postures can be a little overwhelming and/or too tough on the wrists. This gentle, yoga-inspired routine uses a chair to help safely support your body into a deeper stretch.

#2: 15-Minute Short and Sweet Stretch

Squeeze in a quick, total body stretch session after a workout or as a break during (or after) a long, hectic day. This routine was designed to help make your muscles more flexible, improve your range of motion and to stretch out stress and tightness (making it a perfect routine for the day or two after a really tough workout). This efficient and effective total body flexibility routine can easily be done at home or in your hotel room with minimal space and no equipment.

#3: 20-Minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Yoga

Looking for a more active practice? Trim and tone your belly, buns and thighs with these yoga-inspired moves!

#4: 30-Minute Strength in Stillness

Movement can be tough, but sometimes staying still can be even harder! Find your inner strength – by staying still – with this yoga-inspired session that focuses on the physical (and mental!) challenge of holding postures and poses.

#5: 40-Minute Yoga for Back Pain Relief and Prevention

Even if you don’t (yet) suffer from back pain, this routine is a must do — especially if you sit at a desk or in your car all day! Help relieve and prevent future back pain with this back friendly, beginner yoga flow. Many yoga practices include an overemphasis on the forward flexion movement of the spine, which can actually exacerbate back pain issues. This gentle practice focuses on extension poses and exercises in addition to building strength and flexibility throughout the body to help support and protect the spine.

5 YouTube Yoga Videos Anyone Can Do

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  • theresa September 10, 2015, 8:33 pm

    Do you have any yoga for back pain videos that are shorter than 40 minutes? I work 11 hours a day, 40 minutes is just too hard to squeeze in.


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