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Drop that “I earned it” excuse

I burned it I earned it excuse

Don’t let your workouts sabotage your healthy eating habits! According to one study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, women who were made to feel like they had worked harder on a task than the control group (all women worked out for the same amount of time) indulged in about 130 more calories than the other subjects did. That means you could unknowingly sabotaging your own weight loss success simply because you feel you’ve worked hard and deserve that extra treat. An extra 130 calories may not sound like much, but over the course of a single year that translates to about 13.5 extra pounds!

That’s just another reason why we don’t give out calorie count estimations for our workouts here on JESSICASMITHTV! Think about it: if you are told you just burned 1,000 calories during your workout and are later tempted by a piece of cake — are you more likely to eat it than if say, you were told you’d only burned off 250 during your workout? I know I sure am!

So while you continue to keep up with your regular exercise plan, try to shift your focus away from burning a specific number of calories and instead on keeping your body active, strong and moving as much as possible all day long. Fuel your body with healthy foods that give you energy and help your muscles recover. And of course, enjoy a treat (and really, sit down and savor it!) when you want it, but not because you think you earned it with exercise.

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