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Help fend off belly fat by tuning out negative news

Belly Fat

Could tuning out negative news help slim down your waistline? It just might! According to a recently released study published in the journal PLOS One, it appears women are more susceptible to negative news than men. And that’s bad news for your body — the women studied were found to have higher levels of the belly-fat inducing stress hormone cortisol after being exposed to stories about murders or accidents (the men did not experience the same physical reaction).

Researchers believe that women are biologically designed to be more empathetic, and are more likely to remember the details of the negative stories afterwards (the women’s stress levels were noted to be higher not immediately after reading the story, but rather later when they were asked to perform a stressful task). Just another reason to focus on the positive whenever possible!

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  • Joyfulmomof January 31, 2015, 1:49 pm

    This is exactly why I don’t follow the news (because I can’t get the gory details out of my head) and haven’t for many years. We always had the news on during dinner (!) when I was growing up; no wonder we all had weight issues!
    If something big happens that I NEED to know about, my husband tells me. He follows the news closely. It works great this way. I always was amazed at how all the negativity does not affect him. Now I know why.


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