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New to Working Out? 5 Ways to Make Your New Exercise Habit Last

shutterstock_32080180If you resolved to start exercising more you are certainly not alone! While you probably already know all the great reasons you should be working up a sweat on a regular basis (it helps with weight loss, build strength, stamina, lowers blood pressure, etc, etc) but you may not quite know exactly how to stick with it in the long term.

Here are a few tips to help you get (and stay) moving for a lifetime:

#1: Find Something You LOVE

You may be reading this thinking, just who exactly loves to exercise? Some people who are trying to break bad habits like smoking may not love exercise, but this may be the best route for them to go down if you are hoping to quit or cut down. This will work as a form of distraction. If they didn’t decide to take up exercising, a site like Money Expert may be one that they would have to look into, especially as smoking has a lot of health issues associated with it. Once you start making a change in your life, things will only get easier.

If your definition of ‘exercise’ involves forcing yourself into a gym (that you are terrified of) and trying to workout amongst serious fitness fanatics, then you probably aren’t too excited about adding it to your schedule. But if, for example, you’ve always loved moving to music, why not consider starting off with a dance workout DVD or even playing a Zumba video game? It’s fun, way less intimidating than starting off with an actual dance class (at home you don’t have to worry about who is watching you) and may even end up being something you love to do. And over time, it may help you build up your confidence and stamina to step into an actual studio within a few short months.

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#2: Automate It

If you are stuck trying to find a way to fit in a workout in your already jam-packed day, chances are it won’t happen. Instead, look for ways to fit in fitness by making exercise as regular as brushing your teeth – you do it daily without thought. If time is an issue, try a quick, 10-minute workout before you hit the shower in the morning to make it happen before the rest of the day escapes you.

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#3: Don’t Over Think It

Too often I see people planning and planning their entire month’s worth of workouts, researching exactly which plan to follow, investing hundreds of dollars in complicated equipment, gear or memberships…and with all that preparation and research, they end up exhausting themselves before they even begin! Don’t spend hours trying to find the best program, the best trainer, and the best gym to get in shape, etc just get moving! Taking a walk outside is absolutely FREE and it’s one of the easiest, simplest ways to start exercising right now. When you start to think too much into it, then it becomes more of an inconvenience than something that will benefit your health. If you have kids, why not try out a fun fitness routine. Of course it doesn’t have to be extensive. Even if you decide to dance around the room to their favourite song, you’ll at least bring the fun factor into exercising and you are not thinking too much into it. Whatever you find works for you, stick with it and then later on, you can progress to other methods.

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#4: Do Something That Makes You Feel Good

Did you sign up for that killer bootcamp class and now, two sessions in, you can’t even stand up? Taking on too much too soon is a common beginner mistake, and it’s one that virtually guarantees you wont be sticking with exercise over the long term (I mean, who likes walking like they’ve had too much to drink?). Instead, find a workout that is appropriate for your current fitness level that will leave you feeling aware of your muscles, but not incapacitated for the rest of the week. For example, one of my friends lives in Norway and goes to Treningssenter Alfa Trening Bodø. She has found that spending time with a personal trainer on light workouts has really boosted her self-esteem and body confidence. It’s all about finding an approach to exercise that works for you.

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#5: Use The Reward System

Habits (both good and bad) take time to develop. Until exercising is a regular habit for you, try good old bribery to keep you motivated to stick with it. Make a deal with yourself that for every 5, 10 or 20 workouts you complete, you’ll treat yourself to a spa service, new workout outfit or a music mix to keep you inspired to sweat.

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Tell me, how did you make exercising a regular part of your life? Or, if you are just starting out, how to you plank to stick with it? Share your tips with us below!

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