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Please join us for our annual 10K Charity Challenge!

Walk (or jog!) with us anywhere in the world for a great cause!

Sometimes the best way to get motivated is to do something for someone else!

There is so much going on in the world, and so many that could use our help. It can feel overwhelming at times to think we alone can’t do much, but it truly is the small things that can make a big difference, especially when we come together as a team.

That’s why we wanted to ‘host’ this special event to bring together the amazing energy and kindness of this incredible community in hopes that we can all join our efforts for a great cause.

“The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

We invite you to join us and our entire community to walk (or jog, or both!) for a good cause this Saturday, September 29th. Let’s make our miles really count and help those in need!

Something is always better than nothing, so even if you aren’t able to give much at this time, please don’t let that hold you back! We hope you will consider giving whatever you can (volunteering your time, donating gently used goods, etc), in whatever way feels right for you.

Here’s how you can participate:

TO WALK (OR JOG!): There are no rules or restrictions on how to join in — we want to encourage as many of you to participate as possible! Here are a few ideas on how you can walk with us:
1) Use our 1-Mile Walk n’ Talk playlist or any of our Walking Workouts (or a combination of both!) available FREE on YouTube

2) Mix and match your miles from any of your favorite walking DVDs

3) Walk (or jog) outdoors [15 minutes of brisk pace walking is approximately equivalent to 1 mile] – adding a brief warm up and cool down before and after can help you complete the full 6.2 miles [if you want to be exact 🙂 ].

4) Try a combo of all of the above!

Several of our team members have suggested they may host a group in their area, and we thought that was a fantastic idea! If you are so inclined, you may want to gather a group of friends, family, and co-workers together to walk outdoors or to host an indoor version, and donate as a team to one specific group or organization.

TO WALK: Our recommended 10K [about 6.2 miles] schedule is outlined below to help you pace your personal walking plan [you may choose to split this up into a few days, mini sessions throughout the day, whatever works!]:

Warm Up [3-5 Minutes easy pace walking, mobility exercises]

Mile 1 [approx. 15 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Mile 2 [approx. 15 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Mile 3 [approx. 15 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Mile 4 [approx. 15 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Mile 5 [approx. 15 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Mile 6.2 [approx. 20 minutes of brisk pace walking]

Cool Down/Stretch [3-5 Minutes of easy pace walking, stretching]

TO DONATE: You may choose to pledge a specific amount per mile, or simply decide how much you’d like to contribute (and you don’t have to complete the full 10K to give, of course!). We’re asking that you send your money directly to the organization or cause that most resonates with you so that you can decide what feels best for you personally, and so that every dollar goes exactly where it’s intended.

We wanted to keep this challenge flexible and open so that you can participate and give in whatever way feels right for you, but in case you need some direct contacts or ideas for donations, here are some links to a few of the charities we give on an annual basis (and that we will be contributing to for this challenge):





Prefer not to give to an organization? Why not collect your personal pledge and give it directly to someone in need? Even just giving your spare change can help!

Rather volunteer your time? Or perhaps you have gently used items that can be donated instead? Anything you feel inclined to give is GREAT!

Looking for sponsorship? You may also want to check out theCharity Miles app (be sure to look for our JESSICASMITHTV team!) where sponsors donate on your behalf to your chosen charity. (Keep in mind as with most activity apps, your indoor walking steps may not register as accurately as more traditional straightforward strides).

Can’t make it on September 29th? No problem!
While Saturday, September 29th is our scheduled ‘event’ [having a timeline for a goal makes it more likely to happen!], you may decide to walk and donate before or after this date – it’s all up to you.

If you wish, you can let us know on social media that you’ll be walking, and if you like, let us know where or how you’ll be donating. Be sure to tag @JESSICASMITHTV so that we can share your efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to consider joining in with us for this challenge. Your energy and generosity make a difference. Let’s make those miles really count <3

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