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To Win Big at Weight Loss Think Small…

Small Changes can Equal Big Results

Ditch that drastic diet that will have you binging on cookies by the end of the week (or day!)… and focus instead on small, healthy adjustments you can make to your daily routine. For instance, swapping a single soda everyday for sparkling water can save you 54, 750 calories a year. That’s over 15 pounds!

Ask yourself this: what am I willing to continue doing over the long term? While a drastic diet might drop the pounds faster, what happens when you finally go off of it? To win big at weight loss think small. The simple, healthy habits that you begin creating today will have a long, lasting postive effect tomorrow.

Little changes really can change a lot more than you might think.

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  • Dawn Sherlock January 6, 2015, 8:30 pm

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! So many times in the past I have tried to do so much at once that by the end of 2 weeks I have completely given up.
    I always think fast results equals a fast finish, but there can’t be a finish if I want lasting changes.


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