4 Ways to Burn More Calories Walking

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Walking is such a great low impact exercise that not only improves your overall health and wellness but can help you lose weight too! The good news is you can stick with walking if you want to burn more calories without having to run or jog. Here are 4 simple tips to help you boost your burn with every step:

#1: Mix up your miles

Keep things interesting and avoid overuse injuries by mixing up your walking techniques–try side steps, high knee marches, even walking backwards (only in safe areas and very carefully, of course) to mix up your miles each day! You’ll work more muscles that way and keep your body and mind actively engaged (our walking DVDs can help provide you with some ideas to try on your own).

#2: Practice good posture

Stand tall, engage your abs, pump your arms – all of these good walking posture points can help you burn more calories and prevent aches and pains during your walks.

#3: Add in Speed Intervals

One study found that the simplest way to get started with HIIT training was with walking. Simply alternate a steady, brisk pace with an all-out as fast as you can walk pace to increase your mileage and burn more calories in the same amount of time!

#4: Add Weight the Right Way

Skip holding dumbbells or wearing wrist or ankle weights, though, as they can cause joint strain. If you want to add weight to your walk, consider wearing a weighted vest, which adds the extra poundage where your body can handle it–at your core–instead.

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4 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories Walking

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