CALM and STRONG [4 Week Stress Relieving Rotation]

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Now is the time to focus on staying CALM and STRONG! We’ve put together a simple template to help you create your own weekly workout schedule, or you can follow along using our suggested workouts outlined below (available free on YouTube or using your DVD/digital library), for a complete, four-week at-home workout plan that may be helpful to assist you in positively channeling your energy and training during a more stressful time.

Here is the basic weekly workout outline:

Day 1: STRONG – Stress Buster (Higher energy strength or cardio sessions)

Day 2: CALM – Feel Good (Any movement that makes you feel good!)

Day 3: STRONG – Strength (Stamina and strength builders)

Day 4: CALM – Centered (Relaxing flexibility & mobility sessions)

Day 5: STRONG – Cardio Core (Cardio and/or core centric movement)

Day 6: CALM – Restore/Rehab (Replenishing, restorative sessions)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE PDF SCHEDULE  (Please read on below for workout links and more info on where to find the sessions)

Need more calm than strong right now? (or vice versa?)

No problem! Skip over days that you aren’t feeling up for, following along with the calm recommendations until you feel your energy is ready for something more (and vice versa if you need more strong right now too). This is simply meant as a suggested guide, so it’s up to you to tailor it to meet your needs – we want you to make this work best for you!


If you’d like to follow along using our workouts, we’ve made some recommendations for each week below using both a DVD/digital program option as well as videos from our YouTube channel.

If you are using our DVD/digital programs, you’ll see the following programs included:

“Walk Strong 3”, “Walk Strong: 6 Week,” “Walk On: Get Strong!”, “Gentle Yoga Stretch,” “Total Body Balance,” Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles”, “Cardio Abs,” “Total Stretch,” “Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond,” “Gentle Yoga For Back Pain & Prevention,” “Walk Strong 2.0: Burn Fat & Have Fun,” “Walk On: 21 Day Plan,” “Yoga Fusion Fix,” “Walk Strong 2.0: Build Balance & Inner Strength,” “Feel Good Fusion” and “Barre Fitness.”

If you are using our YouTube videos, our Calm and Strong playlist is available here.

You may also want to combine them, and/or swap one out for the other (if you don’t have a specific DVD or if you prefer one routine over another, for instance).



Day 1: Stress Buster

Cardio Hit! [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

Kickboxing Cardio Abs [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 2: Feel Good

Barefoot Fusion Sculpt [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong: 6 Week” DVD

Fusion Sculpt [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 3: Strength

Strictly Strength [40 Minutes] “Walk On: Get Strong!” DVD

Straight Up Strength Training [35 Minutes] YouTube

Day 4: Calm & Centered

Flexibility & Relaxation [30 Minutes] “Gentle Yoga Stretch” DVD

Relax & Restore [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 5: Cardio & Core

Cardio Flow [20 Minutes] + Core Stretch [20 Minutes] “Total Body Balance” DVD

Cardio Core Flow [25 Minutes] + On The Ball: Core Stretch [20 Minutes] [optional] YouTube

Day 6: Restore & Rehab

Strong Feet and Ankles [15 Minutes] + Strong Hips and Knees [15 Minutes] “Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles”

Knee Strength & Stability Exercises [15 Minutes] YouTube

Day 7: Play!

Move and have fun today



Day 8: Stress Buster

Total Body Abs Transformer [28 Minutes] “Cardio Abs” DVD

Single Sided Strength [20 Minutes] YouTube

Day 9: Feel Good

Dynamic Stretch [33 Minutes] “Total Stretch” DVD

Total Body Stress Relieving Dynamic Stretch [18 Minutes] YouTube

Day 10: Strength

Metabolic Conditioning [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

Metabolic Conditioning [37 Minutes] YouTube

Day 11: Calm & Centered

Relaxing Flow [30 Minutes] “Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond” DVD

Stretch, Rest & Relax [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 12: Cardio & Core

Barefoot Cardio Core [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

Cardio Core Fusion Flow [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 13: Restore & Rehab

“Gentle Yoga For Back Pain & Prevention” DVD [one or both practices]

Yoga for Back Pain [40 Minutes] YouTube

Day 14: Play!

Move and have fun today




Day 15: Stress Buster

Have A Ball! [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 2.0: Burn Fat & Have Fun” DVD

Cardio Ball Blast [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 16: Feel Good

Tone & Flow [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

Yoga Sculpt [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 17: Strength

Tred and Shred [30 Minutes] “Walk On: 21 Day Plan” DVD

Stepping Strength [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 18: Calm & Centered

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility [30 Minutes] “Yoga Fusion Fix” DVD

Yoga Stretch [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 19: Cardio & Core

Core Control [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 2.0: Build Balance & Inner Strength” DVD

Standing Pilates Fusion Abs [20 Minutes] YouTube

Day 20: Restore & Rehab

Prehab Routine [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong: 6 Week” DVD

The Better Posture Workout [12 Minutes] YouTube

Day 21: Play!

Move and have fun today



Day 22: Stress Buster

Cardio Interval Sculpt [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

Cardio Sculpt [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 23: Feel Good

Flow Cardio [35 Minutes] “Feel Good Fusion” DVD

Feel Good Fusion [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 24: Strength

Total Body Training [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong: 6 Week” DVD

Total Body Strength Training [30 Minutes] YouTube

Day 25: Calm & Centered

Pilates + Yoga [30 Minutes] “Walk Strong 3” DVD

The Rise & Shine Workout [26 Minutes] YouTube

Day 26: Cardio & Core

Cardio Ballet [20 Minutes] + Floor Barre [20 Minutes] “Barre Fitness” DVD

Cardio Ball Ballet [45 Minutes] YouTube

Day 27: Restore & Rehab

Neck and Shoulders + Back and Chest + Hips and Knees (Flow 1, 2 and 3) “Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility & Mobility” DVD

Breathe, Stretch & Relax [20 Minutes] YouTube

Day 28: Play!

Move and have fun today


Don’t have the energy or time for a full workout?

Try one of these 5, 10 or 15-minute options to just get your body in motion and your mind moving.

DVD/Digital Options:

Any of our 1-Mile Walks from our Mileage DVDs [Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles, Walk On: 6 Mile Mix, Walk On: 5 Mix & Match Miles]

Any of the 10-minute segments from our “Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix

Yoga for Stress Relief & Relaxation [15 Minutes] “Yoga Fusion Fix” DVD

Walk Strong 3: 15-Minute Fix [any option on the DVD]


1-Mile Walk n Talk [15 Minute] segments

10-Minute-or-less Playlist

5 Minute Fix

Feeling less than motivated to move these days?

Don’t put extra pressure on yourself to “workout” this many days. Just see if you can find a way to move your body a little each day, in whatever way feels best for you right now. This is not meant to make you feel like you have to do every workout, or that you even should be doing this much working out — these are simply options that you can choose from and adjust in any way that you see fit.

Maybe every other day works best for you, maybe only 2-3 days, that’s great! Celebrate what you can do – and just focus on doing the best you can with what you have. Exercise is a great way to boost your mood and relieve stress, but only if you enjoy it and want to do it.


Let’s stay CALM and STRONG together!

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  1. Jackie Mc

    I have just finished Calm and Strong. I started this challenge a couple of weeks late but I enjoyed it so much. It has been fantastic to rediscover my favourite routines and be introduced to some new ones (to me). Exercising with you each day and checking in with the community has been a pillar of stability in these weird and uncertain times. I am definitely calmer and stronger than I was 4 weeks ago.

    I am looking forward to “meeting “you again on Monday when I begin the Core Challenge.

    Stay safe

  2. Courtney

    I needed this so much– it as helped me beyond words.
    A much needed emotional and physical confidence booster.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jessica and team!

  3. suzanne frampton

    thankyou so much for this Jessica!this is absolutely what we need now.

  4. Robin Vick

    As always, thanks! I’m looking forward to joining you for this excellent looking rotation. Can’t wait!

    • Betsy Sunada

      My husband and I have been doing your YouTube videos for the last several weeks of the Civid-19 stay at home orders!
      Thank you for having so much available…it’s literally saving our sanity!

  5. Jocelyn

    I have a huge problem with motivation and commitment to an exercise program. That being said, you exercise routines are so well thought out and you offer so much encouragement to people. I always like seeing what you’re up to.

  6. Susan O'Connell

    Hi Jessica, just wanted to say thank you for all you do!!!!!

  7. Christine

    thank you so much.

  8. Susanna

    What a perfect timing, thank you, Jessica (and Peanut)! Just as I was wondering what to do next week after the Spring Ahead plan. Your workouts have really helped during this odd and trying time and the new plan looks absolutely great!

  9. Marinda Bree

    Thank you for all the workouts!! I’m a middle age homeschooling mom of 8 kids with a family history of an efficient metabolism. Suffice it to say, I’ll never be skinny. But I love that you focus on the form and function of the body and how daily exercise helps you feel good. That’s what sold me. I’m also glad you aren’t exercising with ridiculously skinny women and that everyone is better covered. My kids are often around while I exercise, the last thing I want them to see is barely dressed women jumping around. I have my teen girls use your YouTube channel for exercise since you are so positive and upbeat and not stuck on selling a body image. THANK YOU! !

  10. Barbara

    Everyone is feeling stress whether it’s recognized or not and I gather grief as well to this unprecedented change in our lives. Thank you for considering this in your approach and doable workouts for all of us. I’m going to my living room to move to one of your videos now.

  11. Sanchi Seward

    Thanks Jessica!! Great tips and resources

  12. Yolie Bieber

    Thank you so much Jess for the beautiful words!! so so true! and for the great 4 week series to stay calm but Strong! I love, love those rotation workouts! they are inspiring. God bless you, Peanut and the family! stay healthy and strong…..hugs & love!

  13. Sara McKinney

    Thank you! Can’t wait to get started. Looks like a great plan!

  14. Dina Franch

    Thank you very much!!

  15. Vette

    Thank you!!!

  16. julie

    So happy to hear from you
    I love your approach to moving and I trust you.
    Thank you so much

    • Debra Kneller

      Thank you so much Jessica , love this .


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