Gliding Discs: Get more out of your workouts with this inexpensive, portable tool

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GLIDING DISCS: This inexpensive, portable tool can help you get more out of your workouts!

How to find (or make!) the proper gliding tools for you

Why use gliders?

Gliding discs (sliders or gliders) are simple, practical tools to help you get more out of your workouts, making even basic exercises more challenging and effective. Gliders require you to generate extra force to maintain control of your body and the discs. So not only do they maximize engagement of your core muscles, but they also help strengthen the brain-body connection, as you need to focus even more intently to maintain a full range of motion with the discs.

What kind of gliders should I use?

How do you know what kind of gliders to use (or make)? If you are working out on carpeting, you may want to check out these dual-sided gliders that offer two side options — one that works for carpet and one for hard flooring (though, in our experience, they seem to work best on carpet). You can also ‘make’ carpet-friendly sliders using two paper plates (don’t use styrofoam, though!). For hard floors, a pair of washcloths or cleaning cloths can work (and double as a light dusting, too, ha!), or you may want to try these gliders for hardwood floors

What kind of workouts use gliders?

Ready to put your gliders to good use? We love sliding tools in sweat sessions, including total body, lower body, and core work! 

Here are just a few places you can find our routines that utilize sliders:

Our newest “Strong + Centered Series” program (PS – we have more DVDs on their way to Amazon as we speak, our bundle should be back in stock soon!)

Our strength training intensive course, “Lift and Shift” (registration for our next round opens in late August!)

And in several of our free YouTube workout videos here too.

Get in on the gliding action right now!

Are you ready to feel the difference sliding and gliding can make for your mind, body, and muscle engagement? Try the FREE 30-minute calm, low-impact cardio (plus core!) session below. Grab some gliding tools (I’m just using a pair of small paper plates on a carpet in this video!), and let’s go! 

TIP: Be sure to focus on pushing down into the gliders at all times, feeling the continuous muscular engagement and control needed to maintain a full range of motion within each move.


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