Healthy for the Holidays [4-Week, 5-Days-A-Week Plan]

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The holidays are a joyous season, but all the parties, travel, guests and gifts can often throw us off of our usual routines. That’s why we want to help you continue to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, even during this busier time of year.


HOW TO JOIN: All you need to do to participate is simply follow the schedule below, choosing either the DVD (or digital download – all of our DVD titles are also available for instant download here in our digital store) option or YouTube option (or both if you have the extra time and energy). You are also welcome to add in other workouts as you see fit, via the suggested rotation below. 

Once you get started, be sure to check-in with us along the way! Share your successes on social media [you can find us on Facebook and Instagram – be sure to tag us @JESSICASMITHTV] so we can all cheer each other on along the way!

Traveling for the holidays? No problem! Check out our no-equipment needed, travel-friendly YouTube playlist here for some options that require no equipment and very little space.

Have more time or feel like going the extra mile on certain days? Go for it! You may choose to do both the DVD and YouTube recommendation for the day (each Youtube link is within our related playlists, so if the recommended workout doesn’t work for you feel free to skip to the next video and/or keep going after you’ve finished if you’d like). And, don’t forget to add your daily dose of vitamin W!

Just make sure to make it work for YOU! Above all, make sure to listen to your body and make the program work for you. You can add in more days ‘off’ if needed, swap out the daily recommended workout for others that suit your personal or equipment needs better, etc. Adjust, adapt and remember our motto… SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING!


EVERY DAY: Be sure to include a daily dose of Vitamin W!
We’re keeping our actual workout time short and sweet for this plan, but don’t forget to add in your daily dose of vitamin W… WALKING! If you aren’t already there, try gradually working your way up to 10,000 steps a day (that’s the approximate equivalent of 5, 15-minute walk sessions throughout the day) by adding about 500 extra steps a day until you reach your ultimate goal. And, you don’t have to tally up all of your steps in one single shot – in fact, research shows it may be even more beneficial to take several short walking breaks throughout the day! (Be sure to check out our “Walk On” DVD series or our 1-Mile Walk and Talk episodes and walking playlist here on YouTube for some fun ways to add more steps to your daily count).

DAY 1: TOTAL BODY TRAININGMaximize your strength training time by hitting every major muscle group during your workout! Strength training is super important (especially when you are short on time) for a healthy, strong body that is efficient at burning calories around the clock due to an improved resting metabolic rate.

DAY 2: INTERVALS – You don’t need to do a ton of cardio with this plan (especially if you focus on your daily step count!), but we’ll dedicate one day a week to some time-saving interval training to burn off any excess stress and help improve your blood sugar levels.

DAY 3: A.B.S. [Abs, Back & Stability Training]Though core work is included in almost all of our routines in some form, we’ll spend one day a week honing in on building balance, stability and functional core strength with the primary goal of keeping back pain at bay during this busy travel season.

DAY 4: CARDIO STRENGTHWe love combining strength and cardio into one, single 2-for-1 special! These time-efficient routines will keep your heart rate in the cardio zone while strengthening your entire body at the same time.

DAY 5: STRETCH & RELAXEven with a full schedule, it’s still important to take the time to rejuvenate your body with a relaxing, full-body stretch. This weekly session is also a great time to help manage your stress and keep perspective by spending a few extra minutes (before or after) in prayer, meditation or any other form of gratitude practice that resonates with you (feel free to add these bonus moments in as often as you like!).

DAY 6: [OPTIONAL] WILD CARD WORKOUT! If you can, try something new one day a week. Join a friend for a new fitness class, ski with your partner or speed walk in the mall. Think outside of the box, and challenge your body with something different, if time permits.

DAY 7: ACTIVE REST DAYEnjoy the day off today, but aim to stay active by walking, cleaning, dancing, playing with the kids (yes, holiday shopping counts!).






Day 1: TOTAL BODY TRAINING – 30 Minute Total Focus (from “Walk Strong: Boost Metabolism & Muscle) or 30-Minute Total Body Standing Strength (from YouTube)

Day 2: INTERVALS – 30-Minute Cardio Interval Sculpt (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 30-Minute Travel-Friendly Cardio + Strength Circuit Workout (from YouTube)

Day 3: A.B.S. – 15-Minute Add On Abs (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 15-Minute Abs & Core (from YouTube)

Day 4: CARDIO STRENGTH – 30-Minute Strength Interval Walk (from “Walk On: 30 Day Plan“) or 30-Minute Stepping Strength (from YouTube)

Day 5: STRETCH & RELAX – 30-Minute Flexibility & Relaxation (from “Gentle Yoga Stretch“) or 30-Minute Yoga Stretch (from YouTube)






Day 8: TOTAL BODY TRAINING – 28-Minute Total Abs Transformer (from “Cardio Abs“) or 20-Minute Cardio Sculpting (from YouTube)

Day 9: INTERVALS – 30-Minute Interval Mix (from “Walk Strong: 6 Week System“) or 30-Minute Interval Cardio + Core (from YouTube)

Day 10: A.B.S. – 20-Minute Core Stretch (from “Total Body Balance“) or 20-Minute Core Stretch (from YouTube)

Day 11: CARDIO STRENGTH – 30-Minute Metabolic Conditioning (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 30-Minute MetCon 5 (from YouTube)

Day 12: STRETCH & RELAX – 20-Minute Chair Stretch (from “Walk On: 30 Day Plan“) or 15-Minute Chair Yoga (from YouTube)






Day 15: TOTAL BODY TRAINING – 20-Minute Sole Sculpt (from “Total Body Balance“) or 20-Minute Total Body Barre (from YouTube)

Day 16: INTERVALS – 30-Minute Low Impact HIIT (from “Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan“) or 20-Minute Interval Cardio Bodyweight Strength Training (from YouTube)

Day 17: A.B.S. – 30-Minute 360 Abs (from “Walk Strong: 6 Week System“) or 8-Minute Total Body Belly Fat Burn (from YouTube)

Day 18: CARDIO STRENGTH – 30-Minute Tred and Shred (from “Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan“) or 15-Minute Standing Cardio Strength (from YouTube)

Day 19: STRETCH & RELAX – 15-Minute Total Stretch (from “Total Stretch“) or 15-Minute Stretch Out Stress (from YouTube)






Day 22: TOTAL BODY TRAINING – 30-Minute Total Body (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 30-Minute Total Body Strength (from YouTube)

Day 23: INTERVALS – 15-Minute Cardio Interval Abs (from “Walk On: 6 Mile Mix) or 15-Minute Quick Cardio Blast (from YouTube)

Day 24: A.B.S. – 30-Minute Barefoot Cardio Core (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 20-Minute Belly, Buns & Thighs Yoga

Day 25: CARDIO STRENGTH – 15-Minute Total Body Training (from “Walk Strong 3“) or 15-Minute Cardio and Strength Circuit (from YouTube)

Day 26: STRETCH & RELAX – 30-Minute Stride, Stretch & Relax (from “Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan“) or 18-Minute Full-Body Stretching Routine (from YouTube)



IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE! You just completed the Healthy for the Holidays Challenge! Want to keep going? Feel free to repeat this rotation as many times as you like, or move onto to our Jump Start plan here.

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  1. Josefa

    Started this program yesterday. Did it last year and enjoyed it.

  2. Catalina Perea

    Hello Jessica. Are your work outs ok if I wanna get pregnant? I wanna lose about 12 pounds but at the same time I wanna get pregnant and I dont have much time because Ill turn 41 on January, Please let me know what can I do to accomplish my both goals <3
    thanks Catalina

  3. Colleen

    Thanks so much for this rotation. It helps me immensely to have A PLAN to follow. I really appreciate all of your rotation programs.
    Can you please let me know if you have any plans for new DVDs in the future?
    I really enjoy and use all of your DVDs
    Thanks so much again

    • Jessica Smith

      Thank you so much for moving with us Colleen! So happy to hear you enjoy the rotations 🙂 And yes, we are working on some exciting new projects for you in 2020 – hope to be able to share more soon, please stay tuned!

  4. Janice Linford

    Hi Jessica, this looks like an awesome challenge. I can’t wait????????

  5. Suminder kaur

    Hi Jessica. You are the best and my favorite. Always looking forward for your new workout videos. Will try my level best to complete the challenge.

  6. Victoria

    I really enjoy working out with Jessica and I’m happy to see that there is a December challenge. Jessica’s workouts are the only ones that I stick with consistently because they’re fun and they work. I enjoy doing them and I feel like something is missing from my day if I miss one! Thanks for this challenge.

  7. Cheryl

    Yay Jessica! I’m so excited! You are my favorite person to work out with and I’ve tried lots trying to find the right fit for me. I got off track recently so this will get me going again.
    Thank you for all you do!! You’re such an inspiration!

  8. Kristal

    Just came across this today, but it’s just what I needed. I have been slowly incorporating exercise back into my daily routine and need something to keep me on track when it’s cold outside. This plan reminded me I don’t have to go the gym to get back in shape. I’m all in!

  9. Nandini

    Hi I am from India and follow you on YouTube I want to join your program.

  10. Alison Prince

    Hi, I will be heading home after a holiday on Sunday, so need to start this ready for Christmas , been walking while we have been away to keep my steps up. After losing over 5 stones, with the help of your DVD’s, YouTube videos. Will be cold and wet when I get back to the UK so will get my excerise fix for you. With also a fix of Peanut to make me smile too.
    Thanks Jessica x

  11. Gayle Woods

    I love your workouts. I have nearly every one of your dvds. I hope you keep making them and buy them the second they come out. I add at least 20 minutes of walking and feel great at 61.
    Thank you so much for the new rotation. Rotations are fantastic because they steer me to do diverse workouts=cross training!

    • Jessica Smith

      Thank you so much for moving with us Gayle! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing taking care of your body and your health. We are so glad you will be joining us for this plan 🙂

  12. Lisa

    I look forward to getting started on this challenge. I try to work out with you and Peanut regularly….my dog, Phineas, likes to work out with me too, although I can do without the wet nose in the ear move. 🙂

    • Jessica Smith

      Love it! Thanks so much for moving with us.. both of you! Please give our best to Phineas 🙂

  13. Jackie Mc

    Excited to join you for the new challenge. This is the motivation I need to get back on track with my exercise.

  14. Tina

    This looks great and I am excited I thank you for the emails that motivate me and inspire me. Please do not stop being a joy and inspiration to us all. Your emails regarding our health has helped me tremendously
    Thanks so much

    • Jessica Smith

      Thank you for being a valued member of our community Tina. We’re so glad you are here 🙂

  15. Nike

    Thanks a lot Jessica for all love ,care,guidance,may u always be blessed .I will try my best to stick to ur schedule. Lots of love for you and peanut.????

    • Jessica Smith

      Thank you so much and blessings to you! So glad you will be joining us for the plan.. just remember, progress not perfection! Do the best you can each day 🙂

  16. Melana

    Vowing to stay as stress free as possible this holiday. I think I have finally learned that that means taking time for ME each day. Gonna start this today, right after I walk the pups! Thank you!

    • Jessica Smith

      Yes! Love that Melana! So glad you will be joining us and just keep focusing on enjoying this special time and caring for your body, mind and spirit. You got this 🙂

  17. Puningning

    Hi Jessica, i try my best of this program next week since ive been recovering a skin allergy for three weeks now.

    • Jessica Smith

      Hope you feel better soon! And there’s no rush, we’ll be here for you as soon as you are able to get moving again 🙂

  18. Jackie Mc

    I loved Asmita’s story too. Such a fabulously inspiring lady.
    Looking forward to getting started on this new challenge.
    This too is the inspiration I need to get back on track with my routine again.

    Thanks Jessica
    Count me in.

    • Jessica Smith

      So glad you will be joining in with us Jackie! Thanks for checking out the plan 🙂

  19. Vicki Kechekian

    I loved Asmita’s story!

    • Jessica Smith

      Isn’t Asmita an inspiration, Vicki? So glad you enjoyed getting to know her better too 🙂

  20. Yolie

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Thank u Jess for this challenge! I need this in my life!! you are the best!!!???????????? I will start the challenge ASAP! Again thank you for your inspiration and for providing us with all kinds of help! Love ya! Hugs to little Peanut & baby!!????❣️

    • Jessica Smith

      Yay! So glad you will be joining us for the plan Yolie! Thanks so much for being here with us. Looking forward to moving with you soon 🙂 Big hugs!!

  21. Robin Vick

    This looks fabulous! I’m so excited to get started on the 18th! Thanks, Jessica.

    • Jessica Smith

      Yay! So happy to hear you will be joining us for the plan Robin. We’re thrilled to have you back in action with us 🙂


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