Plug and Play Weekly YouTube Workout Rotation Playlist

by | Jan 27, 2015 | 72 comments

YT ScheduleWant to make the most out of our 400+ FREE YouTube Videos? Try our weekly plug and play YouTube Playlist! The below rotation is our general recommendation for both building strength, overall fitness and burning fat. Feel free to adjust it to meet your own personal needs, schedule and preferences any way you see fit.

Here’s how to use the rotation for best results:

Step 1: Subscribe to

Step 2: Click on the below links to view our playlist for each recommended day. The playlists are in order of air date, which means our newest workouts will appear towards the top of the list. Scan down to find your perfect workout by choosing the best length, style and intensity that works best for you that day or simply follow the routine(s) in order.

Step 3: Check out our walking workouts on both DVD and YouTube for help fitting in your daily walks — they’re perfect for getting in your daily recommended dose of Vitamin W.. Walking!

Plug and Play Weekly YouTube Workout Rotation:

Follow along in order (feel free to start your week on Sunday or Monday, whatever you prefer!):

Day 1: STRENGTH TRAINING +15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 2: CARDIO +15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 3:STRENGTH TRAINING  +15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 4: ABS/CORE WORK CARDIO +15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 5:STRENGTH TRAINING +15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 6: PILATES AND YOGA INSPIRED + 15-60 Minutes of Walking (or 10-15,000 steps)*

Day 7: Active Rest Day! Pick a STRETCHING ROUTINE or do some gentle, easy movement on your own today.

*Why so much walking? Unless you have an active daily routine already (those of you that do, feel free to skip this part), most of us are spending an average of 9-12 hours a day sitting! And that’s even those of us who workout consistently. Studies show that even a full hour long workout isn’t enough to combat the negative health effects of sitting all day long. So rather than try to exercise more, try your scheduled workout and then add in additional walk time to stay more active throughout the day. Feel free to break up your walks into shorter segments or try them all at once, whatever works better for your schedule. You can also measure by steps [try taking our 10,000 steps a day challenge] our “Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles” and “Walk On: 6 Mile Mix” DVDs are great for help reaching your daily step goals!

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  1. Guinevere

    Oh Jessica, you and Peanut have helped me so much with my fitness and health improvement. A million thanks. Just a quick question; I’ve noticed that some of your cardio playlist workouts include walking and vice versa. I want to start working out with Plug and Play Rotation list and I’m a little confused by that. Which workout falls in the Walking routine we have to do every day? Can I choose a cardio workout with walking in it? I hope it makes sense. Love you both so much! ????❤

    • Jessica Smith

      Hi Guinevere! Thanks so much for moving with us – we’re so glad you are here! Yes, you can count your cardio and walking into one day if you like, though some days you may choose to push a bit harder with a different cardio style routine. Some of our “walks” include aerobic or other modes of exercise so they may cross over into other playlists as well. Hope that helps clarify 🙂

  2. Char Cunha

    I love all your work outs. I am 70 yr. old and have to adjust them to my level and get great satisfaction after a couple of weeks of steady commitment. Life at times gets in the way but when I return it’s great to know you are here for all of us needing exercise. Thanks Jessica

  3. Mitzi

    Hi Jessica,
    thank you so much. So nice of you to have free youtube videos. I love those and I also love your walk-on paid videoes also. I am really slimming down! You are awesome and thanks again!!

  4. Marilee

    I have to say that I like the YouTube videos the best. Just you, peanut, and the workout. Nothing against your beautiful Mother and friend. It’s just too manufactured for me. I have bought several of your digital videos, too. Your Youtube feels more like a “live” class. Thank you for providing all of the YouTube vids. I feel like you should be charging for those, too. I’d pay for it, Jessica!

    Yours in health,

  5. Kavya

    Hey jessica, too good.. I cant thank u enuf for this structured workout plan, i dono hw much to thank u fr this …. I was looking for such a plan where i don get bored of doing d same walking , and ofcourse sticking to one plan was lil difficult fr me as i used keep changing my workouts, … But nw i feel ur plan is wonderful it has everything what i needed. Thank u so so much, il follow diz fr a week, den update you. Love from INDIA????????????

  6. Michelle

    I have your Walk On DVD-used it many times over the years. A few months ago, on a whim, I thought I look to see what other workouts you have, blissfully unaware of your numerous YouTube videos. Well not anymore…I’ve been doing a steady rotation of them for a few months. I started in prep for the winter blues that settle in during the long winter season here in the Great White North of Upstate NY. I am in a great routine with using them now and feel stronger, more balanced and have more energy. I get outside whenever possible to run too and I’m running stronger thanks to your workouts. Thank you for making these regularly, offering them for free and your positive and realistic approach to wellness.

  7. Suzanne

    Thank You Jessica!!!!! Please keep up the OUTSTANDING job you do on YouTube , your website& video’s❤️ I truly appreciate your hard work!!!
    I also am a instructor & group trainer for the last 16 years . I love what I do I can tell you love what you do too!!!
    I recently have been working in a retirement community where there I am the fitness director ! It is so rewarding giving to people ! Makes my heart happy that you present the YouTube videos were people everywhere can go and work out free!!!!! I hope you continue to do this and your journey brings you much success !!! So many sights make you pay ???? it’s so refreshing to see someone who truly cares & is willing to do what you do & people like me will purchase your dvd’s ( my favorite is 10 lbs down) …. I Urge You to keep it going; so many people should be taking advantage of this! Staying fit is the best!!! AND IM GLAD YOU HAVE COMBINED IT ALL you are popular for DVD’s yet grounded enough not to let your success -money or greed take you over ….thank you again & again on presenting the YouTube community free exercise and advice BLESS YOU !!!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!
    Thank you

  8. Effie

    Hi Jess!

    Could you do more kickboxing videos 30 to 40 min? Even with your husband?

    Love you videos. Thank you so much!

  9. Mary

    I love working out with Jessica and Peanut my work out partner is a german shepherd and man is that fun. I love the change ups and have planned out my work outs through March 2017. I use to walk with another on line walk group but Jessica mixes it up and I really enjoy and look forward to workout every evening. Thank you for the time, work outs and information you share with us. I also have purchased the transformation work out video’s however I want to get steady in working out and then do these so this month I’m following the plug and play 7 day, next month the barre then the fitin15 in March then April bring out the big gun for the 6 week transformation.

  10. Betty

    I recently started your videos and love them. I’ve been doing the 6 week program. I do have a question. I’m finding my clothes to be looser and I feel great but the number on the scale is going up by a few pounds. I’m starting to freak out!! Is this normal?

  11. Boglarka Filler

    Wow,love your positive attitude. Jessica comes across as a truly nice person, not your usual mean-lean-exercise machine trainer. We can all associate with her+ her focus is truly on wellbeing. I dont feel self-conscious at all working out in my living room with cats and kids roaming around& me looking a mess in sweaty old leggings. It s fun and exercising has long been part of my daily routine. I am a busy mom and d feel sick without my walks + workouts!

  12. Shirley Franklin

    Love, love, love your workouts! I am so happy to have found this weekly rotation. I am one of those folks who needs some structure, so this is perfect. I have been doing this for 3 weeks, plus watching what I put in my piehole and have already lost 7 lbs. 63 more to go!

  13. Amanda

    This. I need this. If left to my own, I’ll only do walking videos. I need a structured list of workouts that easily go together for the week. It helps me stay focused. Thank you so much everything you do!

  14. dionne

    hi jessica

    i live in qatar where it get to nearly 50 degrees in the summer and so its too hot to go outside and people drive everywhere. all the expat ladies get fat as a result. but your videos are varied, interesting and challenging. my fitness is now vastly improving. thank you so much. I’ve told all my friends about jstv.

    i love peanut too!


  15. Lori Cahill

    Thanks Jessica found you a few months ago and love the options of different types of exercise programs you offer. I have a question. I have a dog and walk her 3 times a day for probably a total of 2 hours. I love to walk but what I do is just that.. walk. Is there a link to a sample of what your walking DVD’s are like. I figure with having to walk that much a day I should be getting the most out of it and would like to try it. Can the Walking DVD’s be downloaded to an iPod so they are portable. Thanks so much. Lori

  16. Emma

    Hi Jessica, thank you for this schedule this is something I really needed as I like to plan things in. Could you tell me however, how long should I spend on each workout each day. I’m not a novice to exercise but in no way fit. Many thanks

  17. Ro

    Really enjoy this workout. Peanut makes it real. I always have help at my house.

  18. Lorna

    This is fantastic, thank you!

  19. Jocelyn M

    I was looking for this exact post from you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! The hardest part of getting started for me is knowing what schedule to do. You’ve taken care of that.

  20. Pam

    I love that I can work my abs and walk at the same time, and do strength and walk at the same time. I also just got a standing desk at work. I work out via your You Tube videos on my lunch hour and at home via your DVDs. Love them all – keep up keeping us all in shape. Thank you! Love Peanut too!

  21. Pam Duffin

    I have been doing your walking work outs for over a year now; I love them. Love that I can work my abs and walk at the same time, and do strength and walk at the same time. I also just got a standing desk at work. I work out via your You Tube videos on my lunch hour and at home via your DVDs. Love them all – keep up keeping us all in shape. Thank you! Love Peanut too!

  22. DJ Scott

    I wanted to add a little more to my yoga and walking routines. The videos from JessicaSmithTV are just what I needed. I am 56 so I didn’t want a lot of jumping around. These videos are perfect for all fitness levels and all age groups. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Jackie

    I have been working out with JSTV now for over a year but only subscribed in July but so glad I did. I am pretty active and am quite fit but one of the greatest things about JSTV for me is the variety of workouts. I loved the Summer of Strength as it got me working on my core and strength and it has really transformed my body shape and given me an opportunity to try weights, yoga in addition to the HiiT, walking and cardio that I am used to.

    Unlike during the summer I am not doing JSTV workouts every day as I do love attending classes and working out with friends a few days a week. However, on the days I am working from home and when I can’t attend classes or boot camp I always turn to Jessica and Peanut for a first class workout.

    Jessica has helped me so much and I tell everyone I can about JSTV.

  24. Jen Klassen

    I love this! I have been consistently working out for the last 2 1/2 weeks and I owe a lot to you! I love your workouts and just enjoy working out with you. I would love if you would put links to your walking workouts with the suggested 15-60 min of walking a day. It’s too cold here and with littles afoot I don’t go outside for walks as much as I can. Links like you have with strength and cardio would be awesome! Thanks for providing so much free stuff. This mama of 4 sure appreciates it.

  25. Lori Huey

    Jessica – Thanks so much for all of your workouts – You are my go to and I love your style and motivation. Keep it up 🙂

  26. NE-Girl

    Thank you! I’ve really been enjoying your ballet / pilates / yoga inspired work outs, and have noticed real changes in my fitness and physique as a result. I look forward to trying more variety, as well. Thank you for providing these fun, safe, effective work outs!

  27. Jessicia P

    Hey Jess S!- just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing what you do so well! I’ve been dabbling in your videos for the last year, and finally gave up my crowded gym for your 1:1 sessions. For the first time in my life I’m taking strength training seriously, and I don’t think I’d being doing it without you! My goal now is to feel strong and healthy, and I know if I stick with you throughout the week I’ll get there! I really appreciate your great attitude, professionalism and expertise. It truly feels like a personal experience when I workout with you. 🙂

    Thanks again!
    Jess P

  28. Anne-Mari Sandberg

    Hi! I absolutely love your workouts. I became to be so stressed Outlook when I need to go to the gym because it takes to much time for me to travelles from my work and its so good to workout in my home. Then I can workout every Day whithout any stress. I like your energy and your insructions and I like to combine to
    different workouts With cardio and strengtstraining. Thank yuo and give a hug to Peanut :-). Anne-Mari from Sweden

  29. Susi

    Thanks to your work outs, I LOVE working out in the comfort of my own home! I was sick of the inconvenience, cost, and drama that can be associated with going to a gym. After searching and trying different online instructors I came across your work outs on YouTube. I really connect with your positive style, and you give excellent cues and directions. Thanks for all you do!

  30. Nikole

    I absolutely love your workouts! I love that you mix it up so we don’t get burned out and I love that you have this plug and play and I love that you send weekly recommendations. Don’t ever quit
    You keep me motivated

  31. Trina Behlow

    Love all your workouts. I am additicted.’I literally rush home from work to workout , and I’m on my feel all day” I work in the operating room at a hospital” I’m tired but after your workout I’m enegerigized .

  32. Beth

    Thank you for posting this, I always wondered what order to exercise in. This is best. Thank you.

  33. Cindy

    Been using your work outs on and off for about 18 months now. You helped me train for backing the Grand Canyon a year ago! Thank you. Love this plug and play rotation format. The variety keeps me going. Again thank you for all you do.

  34. Dora louvrou

    Dear Jessica,
    I “discovered” your workouts only a couple of months ago and I just would like to express my enthusiasm. Being 51 I have been working out since I was 20 having trie out most of the current excercise trends at times. Now with menopause and knee issues I find your workouts just perfect for completing my weekly programme of 3 times zumba class. Easy to follow, lots of variety and with your pleasant company and helpful advice they have become a daily habit to which I always look forward to. Thanks for motivating me and so many others to love ourselves and listen to our bodies’ needs!

  35. Marie

    This is an amazing idea! I walk my dog every day (60-120 min per day) and try to add a routine but sometimes, I don’t know what to do or I’m too tired to workout. This seems like something I could do. And it’s so flexible.

  36. Carolyn

    Hi Jessica, I have a quick question about sneakers. I used to run exclusively for exercise and now I’m also incorporating your workouts into my daily routine. I’m curious to know if I should look for more of a cross trainer or if I should stick with a running shoe. Thanks for your help!

  37. Anne Malvin

    Hello Jessica!

    I’m just starting my 4th week of this program and I love it! I have been commenting on some of the individual workouts on youtube but realized I could just leave you a longer comment here 🙂

    I do my workouts in the AM and I love that the strength/cardio/abs/pilates workouts are 20 minutes or less so I can get 30-40 minutes of walking done along with it. I’ve been using your workout programs for almost 4 years (wow) and I am loving how each new challenge or program I do try is making me stronger, helping build more muscle AND makes me feel great about myself at 35 🙂 I keep recommending your program to my friends because it’s fun and I know it works! Can’t wait to get my t-shirt, those are fabulous 🙂

    • Jessica Smith

      Way to go Anne! Thanks so much for working out with us so consistently – you are awesome! And we so appreciate your support and helping us to spread the word about our workouts – we hope you enjoy your shirt! 🙂

  38. Daytrel Foster

    quick question. I know that you have a 21-day rotation with your Walk On DVD’s but I was wondering if you had a rotation that includes your other DVD’s? I think that would be an awesome addition to what you’re already doing.

  39. bryjane

    Just a quick note to say how much your workouts have helped and motivated me to get back in shape after having a baby. Its so easy to do them in my living room during nap time! I really like your approach to wellness and have recommended you to my friends!

  40. Carol C.

    Finally, I found a way to say THANK YOU to you Jessica for this Spring Ahead routine. It’s so much easier for me to follow a prescribed routine than just leave it to myself.

    Thank you again for this, and all of your challenges. Every little bit helps.

  41. Asha

    Hi Jessica, just like Kathy, same workout bores me and I start looking for excuses to skip it, but since have found your videos on YouTube, am enjoying and looking forward to exercise. I have one query, if you can help me out it would be big favour, as listed above plug n play weekly rotations, with your videos some are around half an hour, while other are short, so here I want to know including walk as suggested by you, approximately how long a workout should be done in order loose fat?


  42. Kathy

    After doing a couple of weeks’ worth of random workouts from your you-tube selection, (which I love), I bought the 21Day disc set and have just completed three ’rounds’ (15 days total). I LOVE it and have already noticeably reshaped my body (to me anyway!). I am 65 years old, love the videos with your Mom, have been doing workouts on and off my whole life (my first workout was on a vinyl record that I played on a record player!)…..then I went to Jane’s burning videos, then Denise Austin, became an avid walker, got hooked on Leslie Sansone, and then I discovered you! I love your demeanor and personality, you have a great voice, you’re challenging, you have tons of variety whih I need because I get bored easily, and your music is great! And of course there’s Peanut and your Mom, icing on the cake! I love to eat, and have a terrible sweet tooth, so I’ve always needed ways to stay fit (have fallen off that wagon many times). Anyway, this is a long way of saying ‘Thank You’ for some really high quality workouts that often make me laugh and always make me feel better! I’m hooked! (I just downloaded your 15 minute workouts to my iPad and ordered your yoga disc!). Thanks again for getting me back on track!

    • Jessica Smith

      Thanks so much Kathy! So happy to hear you have been enjoying our workouts – thanks so much for all of your support and for sweating with us. Keep up the great work you are doing!

  43. Suke

    I have been following this plan for the last three weeks and it is already making an enormous difference! Since I stopped playing roller derby due to an injury several years ago, I have been steadily gaining weight (not a lot, just enough to make me cranky) and losing muscle tone (also due to aging–I’m not thirty anymore!), and I’ve tried all kinds of workout programs to get me back in shape. When I found your videos, I tried to figure out the correct balance of strength and cardio, but I couldn’t seem to get it right on my own (my flaw, as I guess is common, is not enough strength training)–change was happening but very, very, very slowly. But in the past three weeks, the little rolls on my back have diminished significantly (actually, they are pretty much gone), my core is much stronger and more toned and my butt is lifting out of my thighs . 🙂 I don’t manage it every day, but if I need to skip a day, I add a short workout to the next day’s “assignment” to make up for it (if I miss my core/cardio day, I add a short core workout and short cardio workout to the next day, if I miss a strength day, I add a short strength routine, etc…). I feel great and am looking so much better. Thank you so much for putting this plug and play list together for us!

    • Jessica Smith

      Amazing! I love it! So glad to hear this has helped you Suke – thanks for trying it out and for working so hard with me 🙂

  44. JoAnn C

    What do you think of using wrist weights?

  45. Sylvie

    Hello so dear Jessica and beloved Peanut, there is a question that I am often posed. When we didn’t make for a reason or another during several days the trainings that we wanted to do so much, is there something to do as workouts more hard or longer, because I’m always afraid to lose shape, to lose muscles very fast. Thank you very very much.

  46. Rebecca

    This is a fantastic tool! I LOVE it! It makes working out with you that much more streamlined. I so enjoy working out with you!!

  47. Jill

    Love this! I have been using you youtube and dvd videos. This help with planning my workouts for the week. Less time flipping through. Less searching more doing!

  48. Michelle

    This is awesome, just what I was looking for. I have tried to make my own plan up using your you tube free workouts but this is great:)

  49. C

    Thank you for providing this! Makes it so easy to find exactly what I need for the day! 🙂

  50. Bethany

    As a busy nursing student, I need a simple-to-follow plan to keep me in shape! Already made me a weekly checklist to keep me going through your recommended rotation! Thank you for offering your time and talents!

  51. Ariana

    Awesome, I think I’ll use this often!

  52. Christina

    These playlists are great!! Thank you!

  53. Mary Hemme

    I was just wondering on this month’s Plug and Play Weekly, for Day 4 Abs/Core+Cardio+Walking is that 2 videos plus the walking or do all the Abs/Core videos include a cardio element?

    • Jessica Smith

      Some of our abs/core workouts do include a cardio element, so depending on what you choose to do you can combine them or do those two workouts separately 🙂

  54. Robin

    Thanks so much, Jessica! This will be such a big help in planning a weekly schedule. I am so grateful for all you do for us! You’re always so generous with your time, energy, and expertise!

  55. Anne T.

    Wonderful — I bookmarked this page right away. I have to admit, I have ADD when it comes to exercise. There are so many fun workouts on your site that I often have trouble deciding which one to do. Your programs and challenges make it easier for me to stay on track. I’d also love to see a thread or a section on your site where members name their favorite workouts from your collection.

    Thank you, Jessica, for another great resource,

    ~ Anne

  56. Randi

    Thank you! Now that after today I will be done with the 31 Day Flat Abs Challenge I was wondering how I was going to go through all of your workouts and figure out what to do next. Thank you for keeping us motivated and on track. You rock!

  57. Donnikah

    Jessica, thanks for putting these lists together. They make it so much easier to find the right workouts to do. I appreciate all the work you have put into these list and all your wonderful videos and DVDs.

  58. Helen

    Thanks Jessica, just tried this out and it rocks. I don’t have to spend time working out what I’m going to do ‘cos you’ve done it for me. Brilliant!

  59. Joyfulmomof6

    This is great, especially for people like me who like to see an overall framework. By following your schedules for the last several months, I have learned what a balanced overall fitness approach looks like. Thank you for that. I never used to include enough strength training before, focusing too much on cardio.

  60. Darla Crosser

    Thank you so much! This is awesome and so easy to use!

  61. Dar

    Love this, thank you for giving us another great workout rotation. You are amazing !!!
    Hugs to you & little Miss Peanut 🙂

  62. Brenda

    I have been varying my exercise routine to use a different muscle group each day, and then trying to find a video that fits the bill. You made this so easy!!!! This is yettanuther way that you have found to help me achieve my goals. Thank you Jessica!

  63. Wynna Branco

    You are psychic!! I have been putting together my own cardio/weight routines every day but this makes it soooo much easier now. I’m truly excited about this. I’ve introduced you to my sister and she previewed some workouts and is going to get started. You are a gem!! I hope that you and your family (yes this includes her Majesty Peanut) have a truly beautiful weekend!!


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